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Cech’s moment once again?

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The battle to become Arsenal’s number one has been fascinating to watch over the course of the last few months, with Petr Cech and Bernd Leno trading appearances in an attempt to solidify themselves as the ‘heir to the throne’ so to speak. Leno currently occupies top spot but we all know that it only takes one or two mistakes at this level to cause a ripple effect, and someone who will be waiting to pounce on such an opportunity is Cech himself.

Baby steps

It already feels like the former Chelsea star has ‘won’ in a sense, because he has pushed Leno further than many had initially anticipated. However, you can tell that he doesn’t want to give up on his spot so easily, which is why tonight’s game against Blackpool will be so important for him. It’s vital for Cech to prove to Unai Emery that he is still functioning at an extremely high level, despite the fact that he isn’t competing regularly in the top flight anymore.

Blackpool shouldn’t be taken lightly, either, because we’ve seen the kind of surprises they can come up with in the past – especially when they’re underestimated. Cech needs to stay sharp tonight because the slightest of errors could set him back weeks in terms of his chances in the first team, especially after his injury.

The big moment

It’s not like it was an injury that was ever going to end his career or anything like that, but it certainly raised a few doubts when it comes to how ‘likely’ it is he’d be injured these days given his advanced age. Either way, though, we’re rambling on, and we’re getting away from what should be the main point of this piece: Petr Cech vs Blackpool.

In general this should be quite important because if the Gunners win they’ll only be a few games away from Wembley, and you’d have to imagine that Petr will maintain his place in the starting XI. If that happens, and Arsenal go all the way, then there’s a good chance that we could see him lifting the Carabao Cup trophy in 2019.

That’d be a nice moment for him given his many years of service in the English game, and we hope that he’s able to get the job done tonight.

Will Petr Cech play in the Premier League again for Arsenal?

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