Can Arsenal remain unbeaten until the season ends?

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Can Arsenal remain unbeaten until the season ends?

Posted on April 09, 2018 by Harry Kettle

In an ideal world, at this stage of the season, Arsenal would be challenging for the Premier League title, the Champions League and the FA Cup. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and hasn’t been for quite a few years now, and because of that, some fans have grown incredibly impatient with Arsene Wenger and the squad themselves.

However, following a four-game losing slump earlier in the year, the Gunners have managed to turn things around and they’re currently riding a 6-game winning streak heading into their UEFA Europa League game against CSKA Moscow this week. Now while that is obviously the overriding story here, by the time the game comes around, people will only be focused on the fact that Arsenal ‘need’ to win the tournament in order to qualify for the UCL next season.

When, in reality, they should be discussing the fact that there’s a very realistic chance Arsenal could remain unbeaten for the remainder of the campaign.

Following their upcoming trip to Moscow, Arsenal have a run of six Premier League games which are all extremely winnable. First, they’ll travel to Newcastle which will obviously be a difficult encounter, but they’ve got more than enough firepower to pick up a draw at the very least.

Beyond that, they’ll host a desperately poor West Ham United side who are struggling to avoid the drop, and while the games against Southampton and Stoke didn’t provide us with much cause for hope, the atmosphere at the Emirates will hopefully take them towards another win.

Things will get tricky with games against Manchester United, Burnley and Leicester, but by that point, if they’re still unbeaten, Arsenal would have no reason to fear any of them. They’d be playing for fun courtesy of not being able to break into the top four, and we’ve seen in previous years that they’re most dangerous towards the back end of the season.

A trip to Huddersfield on the final day seems like a slam dunk, and beyond that, all they need to do is come through two semi-final legs and the Europa League final in order to make it 16-games unbeaten to close out the season.

You may not think it’s likely, but we believe in this squad, and it’d be one hell of an achievement from Wenger if he can pull it off.

Can Arsenal remainĀ unbeaten?

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