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Bellerin opens up about Dubai trip

Posted on February 11, 2020 by Harry Kettle

While we may be in the midst of the Premier League’s winter break, a whole lot of teams all across the top flight are still out training and putting in the work – just without a game either last weekend or this weekend.

Arsenal, for example, are currently over in Dubai for a training camp. Some people believe it to be a pretty useful way to keep them occupied between their last match and their next one, whereas others are just kind of happy to be away from the stress of watching the Gunners on a week to week basis.

During a recent interview with, Hector Bellerin spoke about the experience of heading over to Dubai and what they’ve gained from the trip.

“For us it’s very important that, when you’ve had so many games, to have a break like this to recharge our batteries and also have some team bonding,” Bellerin said. “Everything about it is really positive, I’m happy and all the boys are really happy as well. After the staff came in it’s also a chance to get together, not just with the people you play with, but with the people you work with every single day. Overall it’s been very good.

“We’re very grateful that Emirates arranged for us to come here and have these amazing facilities. This is the second time I’ve come here and last time I came I was going through my rehab, and they made it really easy for me to get better. It is also great to train with this great weather and with people around us, and everything is taking place for us.

“It’s not a holiday, we’ve come to work and they’ve made it very good for us to be here and also to enjoy our time.

“[I admire] the innovation of the city, it is always into the future and that’s the way you evolve as a society and humanity,” he added.

“Also, the fact that we’ve come from a place that is always raining every day so coming here and having the time when you get the hours after training and you can be in the sun, that’s always great.”

All eyes will turn back to the Emirates this Sunday as Arsenal prepare to go head to head with Newcastle United as their push for the top four continues.

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