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Bayern up next for Arsenal

Posted on July 16, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Fans who have been following Arsenal over the course of the last few years will be well aware of the fact that they haven’t done a wonderful job of playing against Bayern Munich. The German giants always seem to get one over in the Gunners, to the point where they have actually embarrassed them on several occasions. Now, with a pre-season friendly against them being on the horizon, we wonder how seriously both teams are going to be taking it.

What will happen?

Logic dictates that, because we’re still in pre-season, it isn’t going to be that much of an importance for the club to perform well here. Alas, picking up a win in any instance is a morale boosting thing, and it’s not like beating Bayern even in a pre-season type of environment is going to be the worst thing in the world.

Arsenal are coming off the back of a convincing win over Colorado Rapids which, of course, didn’t tell us all too much about what they’re going to be able to accomplish against the current Bundesliga champions. With that being said there were a few young players that stood out above the rest, to the point where we’d be okay with seeing them get some game time as they attempt to make a case for themselves prior to the new domestic & European season.

An intriguing encounter

Outside of the game itself we obviously hope that Emery is focusing a good portion of his attention on the transfer window because, as we all know, they desperately need to make some changes to this squad. Even if Arsenal pick up a convincing win here, that means nothing if the squad winds up staying the same as it is right now. It’s not deep enough, and at the same time, there’s too much deadwood.

Time is running out to get something done about that, so for the time being, we’ll just focus on the game itself. It’s going to be a fun encounter to measure where Arsenal are at, but in reality, all we can hope for is that we don’t see all too many major injuries or niggles. If that happens, then we may have an issue or two on our hands. At the very least let’s just wrap the likes of Auba and Laca up in cotton wool before the season starts.

Will Arsenal pick up the win against Bayern Munich?

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