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Aubameyang’s honesty

Posted on January 09, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Social media can be a problem sometimes, especially in the world of football. While it allows us to gain more access to these superstars that we follow and admire on a week to week basis, there are obvious negatives that come alongside it. Of course, there are rare instances in which it’s used perfectly, and we feel like we’ve got one of those examples for you.

Let him have fun

As you can see from the following tweet, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a very honest man – in victory or in defeat. The forward knows when he’s had a good game and he certainly knows when he’s had a bad one, and the latter was certainly true of the Liverpool encounter in the eyes of many fans. Alas, instead of hiding away from that fact, Auba decided to steer into the skid on Twitter – and the best part is that you can tell it wasn’t just another manufactured tweet.

He’d clearly come up with the idea of putting this out himself, and that’s the kind of attitude we love. We want to see that natural passion and charisma coming from him, because it instantly makes him more accessible and likeable. If he wasn’t banging in the goals then that may not be the case, but thankfully, he’s been on a great run of form this season alongside Alexandre Lacazette.

Potentially controversial?

We almost think players should have to go through some kind of screening process before they’re allowed a public Twitter account, because sometimes, they need to be protected from themselves. Of course, more interactions like this are absolutely fine, but some ‘purists’ would even suggest that this is going too far. We don’t tend to agree, but we appreciate the thought process.

As we look ahead to the rest of the season all we can really hope for, logically speaking, is that he remains fit. When he’s healthy there are very few defenders who can handle his relentless pressure and finishing, and we’re excited to see just how far he can go with the Gunners.

Were you a fan of Auba’s Twitter comment or not?

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