On a special moment for Nelson scoring a brace:
I think not only me, but all his teammates and all the staff are so happy for him because he’s a kid that is he’s really changing, he’s really evolving, he’s really maturing and he’s showing every day how much he wants it and today he had an opportunity and he did extremely well because he helped us to win the game.

On Saka’s injury and whether the World Cup is now a doubt:
Hopefully not, It was a bad kick right from the beginning he was limping, but I don’t see any further than that, let’s see how it is in the next couple of days.

On where Saka suffered his injury:
I think both [leg & ankle] he got kicked a few times and he wasn’t comfortable to continue.

On whether referees need to give Saka more protection:
That’s for them.

On what this month has told him about the squad:
How lucky I am to have them together with me and again especially when we lose, or draw, how united we are, and how we respond to that, and today I think it was a really good example. We know the schedule we facing now, we’re going to be facing in January, it’s really, really demanding so we need to face it and we want to do it in the best possible way.

On the impact of the fans at the Emirates Stadium:
Huge, I don’t know the percentage whether it’s 20, 30, or 90%. It transforms the team, the energy that they produce, the support they give the team, especially in difficult moments like we have some examples already throughout the season is phenomenal. The boys are really looking to come here and play and they are really enjoying it. And this is a huge advantage I think.

On the response to last weekend’s draw and the loss to PSV midweek:
Big teams have to respond as quick as possible and we did that after the disappointment of Thursday night, you don’t have time, you go here Friday evening. One half training session and be ready not only physically but mentally again to another demand against a team that beat Liverpool and the pressure is on, you lose the first place and you are there. And we need to get used to that

On winning by a big scoreline:
It was great, we certainly have been creating the chances to score and we haven’t been hitting the target enough, we have discussed that the whole week and today the individual talent obviously made the difference they scored some fantastic goals and they shared the goals which I think is important as well.

On what exactly has changed for Nelson:
How mature, how focused he is in his profession, the way he talks, the way he reflects, the way he respects the season, the way he’s challenging everybody every single day, he’s a joy of a kid. We all want him to be successful and do well and what he’s done today for the team is something he really merits.

On Nelson giving him confidence after Saka’s injury:
We don’t know, first of all, they are two different things, the fact that we have players that can contribute to winning games is really powerful that’s what we need, when you look on the bench to have players to change the game and today he’s done it.