Arteta and Wilshere: could it go either way?

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Arteta and Wilshere: could it go either way?

Posted on May 21, 2018 by Harry Kettle

As reported by Mirror, it seems as if Mikel Arteta and Jack Wilshere are destined to be at the Emirates with Arsenal next season. Mikel is far and away the favourite to take over as manager in the wake of Arsene Wenger’s departure, whereas Wilshere’s ongoing contract situation finally seems to be sorting itself out as he prepares to sign on the dotted line of a new three-year deal.

There are certainly polarising views on both ends of the spectrum here, and while the best thing to do is simply wait and see what happens, we can’t help but speculate. After all, these two stories have been ongoing for quite some time now, and as we know, Arsenal fans can tend to get a little bit restless. We don’t blame them for that, either, because it’s kind of exhausting to follow these stories when you just know that the confirmations won’t come through for weeks one way or another.

In terms of what’s actually happening, though, it’s easy to not find any pros amongst the cons with Mikel Arteta. You could argue that the experience he’s gained from someone as talented as Pep Guardiola could prove to be invaluable, but is it all too much too soon? It hasn’t even been two years since he officially became the assistant manager for Manchester City, and people are already talking about him as the future boss of one of England’s biggest clubs. Hell, even David Moyes at least had a wealth of experience when he jumped ship to Manchester United.

When it comes to Jack Wilshere, however, his exclusion from the England squad will likely help his cause in terms of public opinion. Despite the fact that he’s been hit and miss at times this season, Arsenal supporters seem to have blocked out the bad memories because he wasn’t given a seat on the plane to Russia. Alas, that kind of makes sense given the circumstances, but they shouldn’t forget that he still hasn’t performed to his best at times throughout the campaign.

In our mind, keeping Wilshere is worth the risk if the deal is signed in the next few weeks so that he’s given the correct amount of time to prepare for next season. However, with the introduction of Mikel Arteta, it feels as if it’s far too big of a risk.

Who should Arsenal keep hold of/bring in – Arteta, Wilshere, both, or neither?

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