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Arsene Wenger will get a positive reception against Burnley

Posted on May 06, 2018 by David Nugent

Later today (Sunday), Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will enjoy his last home game in charge of the north London club, as Burnley visit the Emirates Stadium.

In recent weeks and months, Arsenal supporters have shown their anger and frustration at the club underperforming by boycotting the games. The Gunners have long since been out of the race for the Champions League spots, while the Europa League campaign ended at the semi-final stage with a whimper.

Wenger deserves a good reception for his first decade

I have been a constant critic of Wenger in my time at My Arsenal Blog. I have been cynical and given my honest opinion of how I see the veteran French bosses performance as the Arsenal boss.

However, it would be difficult to argue that his first decade in north London alone should earn him a good reception from the Arsenal fans at the Emirates later today.

He created one of the best teams the Premier League has ever seen in ‘The Invincibles’. Wenger also changed the face of English football with his training methods and dietary plans.

Didn’t know when to quit

I can understand why some fans will not give Wenger a positive reception, though. The last decade or so of Wenger’s reign has seen the team steadily declining in quality, as their arch rivals have strengthened.

The likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and dare I say it Tottenham have improved immeasurably in that time. The first two have won the Premier League titles at least twice, while Spurs are a top-four regular in the English top-flight.

The problem Wenger had is that he never knew when to quit. Anybody in his or her right mind could see the deterioration of the team. However, the French boss continually believed that he could move the club forward, in a delusional state.

While Wenger announced that he would quit a few weeks ago, in reality the club were sacking him. The Gunners hierarchy should have acted quicker than they have.

Will get a good reception

I have no doubt that Arsene Wenger will get a good reception from the majority of Arsenal fans, mostly for the glory days. He deserves it for the joy he brought to the fans in those early years.

However, the reality is that Wenger leaving the club is the right decision, it is just a shame it not happen last summer.

Will Arsene Wenger win his last home game in charge of Arsenal?

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