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Arsene Wenger still has a lot to give the game

Posted on October 17, 2018 by David Nugent

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes that he will be back in management by January. The veteran French boss left Arsenal after 22 years in the summer but has so far resisted the temptation of a return to management.

However, Wenger has been linked with a number of managerial positions since leaving the north London club.

Back in work by January

Sky Sports quote Wenger as saying: “From my 22 years at Arsenal, I have big experience on different levels. There are enquiries from all over the world,”

“There are associations, national teams, it could be in Japan. I believe that I will start again on January 1st,”

It seems that Wenger is convinced that he is set for a swift return to the game he loves in the near future.

Still has a lot to give the right club

Arsene Wenger is no doubt one of the greatest managers of the Premier League era. His vintage Arsenal teams were right up there with the best in modern football.

However, football has moved on since Wenger first took Arsenal to success and the Frenchman is not prepared to move with the times. He is stubborn and refused to adapt at Arsenal, which in the end led to the team failing to challenge for the big trophies.

Wenger though has so much experience to share, that it would be a waste if he decided to retire from the game on a full-time basis. He could be a big asset at the right club. However, his relationship with Arsenal has just gone a bit stale.

If he did return to Japan, then no doubt whichever club appointed him will have pulled off a major coup by clinching his signature. His name is still massive in the world game, despite his perceived failure in the latter years at Arsenal.

Unlikely to return to the Premier League

It seems a return to the Premier League in January is highly unlikely. Everton reportedly showed interest in the French in the summer before appointing Portuguese boss Marco Silva.

However, there are not many clubs in the Premier League that would interest Wenger, especially in January. A move back home to France or even a return to Japan looks far more likely at this point.

Arsene Wenger does not seem the sort to retire from football after so many years within in the game. I am sure there is still a lot of life left in the old dog yet.

Where will Arsene Wenger be plying his trade next?

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