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Should Arsene Wenger apologise to Raheem Sterling?

Posted on November 06, 2017 by Milos Markovic

No one expected the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to be in a positive mood after a 3-1 loss at the hands of Manchester City but the experienced French tactician seems to be losing the plot.

You can’t hold your hopes high for a positive result against an attacking force such as Manchester City’s with a midfielder as a make-shift defender in the middle of a three-man defence. You can’t.

Especially if that midfielder is Francis Coquelin, a player not exactly known for his reliability and versatility.

Wenger’s attempt to stun and surprise Manchester City backfired as Coquelin widely struggled in an unfamiliar position on his first Premier League start since May.

Manchester City take full advantage of Arsene Wenger’s misconception and ran ragged the poor midfielder as his boss decided to blatantly switch focus to referees and Manchester City, instead of admitting to his own mistakes.

And instead of questioning his own choices and weird tactical ideas, Wenger first questioned Michael Oliver and Premier League refereeing, claiming the referees ‘don’t work enough’.

“The referees don’t work enough because the level drops every season at the moment and, overall, it’s unacceptable.”, Wenger told Sky Sports after pointing out that Michael Oliver made an ‘expected decision’.

“Overall, once again, the referee made the decision today with a soft penalty and an offside goal but we are used to it when we come here.”, he stated.

On top of it all the Frenchman went on to aim an unbelievable slur towards Manchester City star Raheem Sterling, accusing him of diving and adding that English winger ‘dives well’.

Manchester City scored two of their three goals from a doubtful foul and seemingly an offside position which provoked somewhat unprofessional reaction from Arsene Wenger who – in Alan Shearer’s opinion – should consider apologising to former Liverpool man.

“I believe it was no penalty. It was a provoked penalty by Sterling. We know that he dives well – he does that very well. And the third goal was offside.

“I am disappointed. You can accept if it City win in a normal way, they are a good side, but the way it happened is unacceptable.”, Wenger said.

Manchester City’s triumph over Arsenal pushed them 12 points clear at the top of the Premier League standings and 12 ahead of Arsenal who were stomped down to sixth place in the standings with Liverpool leapfrogging them after a compelling 4-1 at West Ham.

So, should Wenger apologise to City star?

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  1. Steven Rose says:

    A penalty should only be given for contact in the penalty area if 1) the contact is illegal 2) it is initiated by the defender and 3) it significantly impedes the striker. Monreal’s initial challenge was not illegal. He shoulder charged Sterling, a fair challenge which would not have resulted in a free kick anywhere else on the pitch. Sterling then decided to fall, managing somewhat unnaturally to entangle his left leg around Monreal. The referee should not have awarded a penalty, let alone given a yellow card to Monreal. If anything Arsenal should have been awarded a free kick since Sterling impeded Monreal.

    On the balance of probability I would say that Sterling dived. Is he a habitual diver? I don’t know about that. I can remember one incident last season when Sterling was fouled in the penalty area and did not go down. The foul prevented him from scoring but his team did not get a penalty. But there are strikers who often seem to get their legs entangled in the legs of defenders in the penalty area or who allow their trailing leg to trip over the outstretched arm of a goalkeeper lying motionless on the ground. Jamie Vardy comes to mind.

    Was it wise of Wenger to be so forthright.? Probably not. Man City were undoubtedly better than us on the day and could easily have been 3 nil up at half time. Nevertheless we might have snatched a draw had it not been for two poor refereeing decisions, the penalty and the offside goal, so Wenger’s disappointment was understandable.

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