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Arsenal’s worst Premier League losses – Part 2

Posted on May 17, 2019 by Harry Kettle

West Ham 1-0 Arsenal

Just pitiful. There was no real fight and no real desire, to the point where we were left to wonder whether or not these players even want to secure Champions League football in the first place. The Hammers were a decent side this season but their aspirations weren’t nearly as high as Arsenal’s, and worse yet, the game so quickly after the half time interval. They just seemed to switch off and when you do that at such a high level like this, you’re obviously going to be punished.

Southampton 3-2 Arsenal

This brought the undefeated run to an end, and if the defending was a little bit less sloppy, that might not have actually happened. It’s a little bit sad to consider that fact because if they’d made it past the Saints, who knows how long this thing could’ve gone. It was the kind of performance you’d likely see from an Arsene Wenger team, which isn’t exactly the biggest compliment in the world.

Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace

The Mustafi show. It was clear in this game that changes needed to be made, and hopefully, Emery noticed that too. It was one of the rare instances in which the first team didn’t show up at home, which flung the door wide open for Palace – who have admittedly been fantastic away from Selhurst Park this season. Still, though, not good enough.

Wolves 3-1 Arsenal

This loss was a little bit more scary than anything else, to be perfectly honest. Why? Because Wolverhampton Wanderers might be better than Arsenal right now. There may have been two positions separating them in the table itself, but when you really think about it, that isn’t the biggest gap in the world. Wolves are closing in on them and this was a huge indication of that, because they were just better than them in pretty much every department across the pitch. Troublesome? A tad.

Leicester 3-0 Arsenal

When you’re outclassed by a team you’re quite easily ahead of in the table, it just gets a little sad. It was almost as if Gunners fans knew what was coming before it even arrived, mainly because we could all see that Jamie Vardy was going to do bits once again. It was a pretty ruthless display from the Foxes, but the worst part is that Arsenal just seemed to fold within themselves. They didn’t show nearly enough fighting spirit, and while ‘fighting spirit’ is subjective, we’ll let you guys decide on the basis of the performance itself.

Which of Arsenal’s Premier League losses did you consider to be the worst?

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