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Arsenal’s next big six – Part 2

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Cardiff (H)

They’ve just got to win this and there are no two ways about it. Cardiff have surprised a lot of people so far this season as they’re still right in the hunt for survival, and we’re anticipating them giving Arsenal a really tough game in this one. Unfortunately for Bluebirds fans that isn’t quite going to be enough, especially considering that Arsenal are much, much stronger at home than they are away from home. It’s going to be closer than a lot of fans would like, but they’ll manage to get the job done.

Manchester City (A)

Every single team has to face up to the music of playing Manchester City at the Etihad this season, and soon will come the turn of Arsenal Football Club. This is the most painful of games to endure and, to be honest, they just need to throw everything they’ve got at this because even a draw – or perhaps a narrow loss – would give them a bit of momentum. That sounds ridiculous but City are just on a whole other level alongside Liverpool right now, and we saw how that game turned out for Emery’s men just a few weeks ago.

Huddersfield (A)

While Huddersfield could still be riding the wave of new manager syndrome by this point, that still shouldn’t be enough to overcome the challenge of the Gunners. Hopefully they’ll have put in a great performance against City in the game before, which will be a nice boost for them heading into an encounter where they really need to get the three points. If they don’t, the doubters will pop up in their numbers once again.

BATE Borisov (A) – Europa League

A few players can probably afford to be rested for this one, especially given that there’s a whole second leg in England to contend with. Belarus is a long trip and Arsenal need to manage their resources, and while BATE are good, Arsenal are far better. They shouldn’t be having all too many issues with this one, to be honest, and even if there’s a whole second string out (which there won’t be) Arsenal should be looking to win this game by at least a few goals.

How many games will Arsenal win in this upcoming six game run?

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