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Arsenal vs Liverpool in doubt

Posted on January 05, 2022 by Harry Kettle

Plenty of fans have been looking at the League Cup as a golden opportunity for Arsenal to try and win a trophy, especially given that they’re just one two-legged semi-final away from reaching the promised land of Wembley.

Alas, the current campaign isn’t going to be quite so simple, as has been the case for months now. COVID-19 is disrupting an awful lot of things and it appears as if the first leg of the aforementioned semi-final is now being thrown into disarray too.

The following statement from confirms that Liverpool have requested that the game this week be postponed.

“Following a request from Liverpool FC, the English Football League (EFL) is currently considering whether our Carabao Cup semi-final first-leg match on Thursday (6 January) can go ahead.

Liverpool have reported an outbreak of COVID-19 and the Football League is now assessing the situation.

We will update our supporters with any further information as soon as we have it.”

Will the game be postponed?

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