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Arsenal vs Liverpool – Community Shield Preview

Posted on August 28, 2020 by Harry Kettle

Well, here we go again.

Less than a month after last season came to an end with Arsenal’s FA Cup final win over Chelsea, we’re right back in the saddle as the Gunners prepare to try and win their second trophy under Mikel Arteta tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be locking horns with Premier League champions Liverpool, and while they may have been able to beat the Reds towards the end of their triumphant PL campaign, lightning rarely strikes twice against Jurgen Klopp’s men.

Today, we’ll be giving our thoughts on how we believe Arsenal are going to fare in yet another big game at Wembley in which they’re considered to be the underdogs.


They may not have made quite as many splashes in the summer transfer window as they would’ve liked thus far, but Arsenal are still making moves that could put them in a great position to challenge for the top four once again this season. Arteta feels like the perfect fit for the club at this moment in time and while that has been said in the past about Unai Emery, there’s something about the way in which the Spaniard operates that seems to sit well with the majority of the fanbase.


A whole lot of Liverpool supporters can’t really be bothered to deal with the Community Shield this year which, in itself, should give the Gunners a pretty good opening to try and make something happen. We’re expecting them to put out a strong team as Klopp will take every piece of silverware he can get his hands on, but their focus will already be on the return of the Premier League in two weeks. Still, this is Liverpool Football Club we’re talking about here, and we’ve seen what happens when you try and underestimate them.


We aren’t expecting this to be the most entertaining game of football we’ve ever seen, and we’re fine with that. Both clubs have barely had much time to rest and relax before this new season that is now upon us, and as such, the idea of them heading to penalties doesn’t seem particularly farfetched. We would love to believe that Arsenal have another big performance in them that could lead to them lifting the trophy, but we believe the strength in depth that this Liverpool squad has will guide the favourites to a win. It won’t be a huge win, but it’ll be enough to show the gulf in quality that still exists between these two juggernauts of English football.

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