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Arsenal vs Crystal Palace – Preview

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal are on the best run of form we’ve seen from them since winning the FA Cup last year, and Mikel Arteta will be well aware of how badly they need to take advantage of that. Whether or not it happens is a different matter altogether but over the course of the next few days, it certainly feels like the tide could officially turn if the Gunners can make a real statement against Crystal Palace.

Today, we’re going to give our thoughts on what we believe they can accomplish in what is bound to be a vital game for the club.


From a pure quality standpoint, Arsenal should be able to wrap this game up in the first half – but we know that’s not how this side consistently operates. They have a tendency to drag their feet with old habits creeping into their style of play and while it’s easy to forgive that given how short the attention span is within the fanbase, we also need to recognise how big of an opportunity this is for Mikel Arteta. He can send a message to the rest of the league with an emphatic win that would take them to within just a few wins of the top six.

Crystal Palace

The departure of Roy Hodgson almost seems imminent given the lack of inspiration and belief surrounding Selhurst Park right now. The club is struggling to find their identity with many believing that they are wasting the talent they have at their disposal. Regardless of whether or not you feel that’s the case, you can bet a few of their big names are going to produce a quality performance when they come to the Emirates – so underestimating them would be a big mistake.


We do tend to think Arsenal are good enough to win this game and while that doesn’t always necessarily translate into them actually getting the job done, we believe in the operation Arteta is putting in place and we believe this team can keep grinding out victories. We’re even going to suggest they’ll blow Palace out of the water with a confident 3-0 win, but we probably won’t see the very best of Arsenal until the second half. That’ll probably be a bit infuriating but as long as they get the win, that’s all that really matters in the Premier League.

Can Arsenal make it five wins in a row?

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