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Arsenal vs Chelsea – Preview

Posted on August 20, 2021 by Harry Kettle

The Premier League kicked off with a real bang last weekend as all 20 top flight clubs found themselves back in action – and in some style, too. From cracking goals to surprise results there was a whole lot to get excited about, but instead of dwelling on the past, it’s time to look forward to the immediate future as Arsenal get back in the saddle to take on London rivals Chelsea.

The opening weekend provided mixed results for these two sides but something tells us form is going to be thrown straight out of the window when they meet at the Emirates.


Mikel Arteta doesn’t exactly have the most secure job in the Premier League right now and that was amplified by the defeat to Brentford last Friday night. It’s not like he’s a complete lost cause or anything quite so dramatic but if he can’t make some necessary changes in the summer transfer window, trouble could be brewing. The fans have made their voices heard as is their right to do so and one way or the other, there are going to be some big changes at Arsenal Football Club between now and the new year.


Chelsea proved why they’re one of the leading contenders in the title race with an efficient win over Crystal Palace to begin their new Premier League campaign. They’ll be well aware of the fact that they’re obvious favourites to secure all three points but in a derby game like this, they can’t afford to take their foot off of the gas even for a second. Based on what we’ve seen from Thomas Tuchel so far, though, we’re pretty sure he already knows the threat that comes with complacency – after all, they are European champions.


We do honestly believe that having a full crowd in attendance at the Emirates again could serve as a huge catalyst for Arsenal to make some noise against Chelsea – but ultimately, we think it’ll be a case of “progress, but not quite enough”. We’re expecting to see the Blues race into a 2-0 lead early on through some poor Gunners defending before Arsenal peg them back. From there they’ll huff and puff but won’t quite be able to blow the house down, ending in a 2-1 win for Chelsea that gives Arteta something of a moral victory, at the very least.

Can Arsenal overcome the odds at the Emirates?

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