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Arsenal to debut new technology

Posted on February 07, 2019 by Harry Kettle

A lot of fans, media members and managers alike have a series of different thought processes when it comes to technology in the game. That’s understandable when you consider what a polarising subject it is, because you’ve got two major ways of thinking about it: either you think the game is better off being left alone as it is, or you think there definitely needs to be a change of some kind. There doesn’t really seem to be any ‘inbetween’ phase, kind of like Marmite.

A new beginning

For what it’s worth the use of technology has been coming for a while, and every other major sport uses it, so why don’t we? It seems like an ancient idea to just keep things the way that they are for the sake of it, and we’ll probably never be able to put our finger on why fans are so insistent on the idea. Some believe that it gives fans things to talk about down the pub if there’s a controversy that occurs, which kind of sums up the mindset of the supporters in question.

Anyway, regarding the subject matter, Arsenal are set to introduce the use of brand new technology for the first time in the English game. It’ll come into effect during their game against Manchester United on March 10th, which is certainly a big and worthy enough stage to test it out. It’ll see the use of Intel’s True View technology, which uses 38 different 5k cameras positioned around the stadium to give supporters the opportunity to feel what it’s like to play in a major Premier League game.

This’ll be fun

The belief is that it’ll allow both fans and pundits alike to really get a feel for what’s happening throughout the game, with multiple angles as well as a laser wall. The wall allows for a virtual plane which showcases exactly where the players are situated on the pitch, so that we can see what they’re seeing. Manchester City and Liverpool are also getting on board with this new initiative, but the Gunners will be the first ones to test it all out.

Arsenal want to give their fans the chance to experience 360-degree replays amongst many other great tools, so in our mind, we think it’s a home run of an idea. Sure, it’ll take some time to get used to, but the same thing could be said of VAR.

What do you think of this new idea?

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