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Arsenal show resilience

Posted on December 06, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Last night’s game at Old Trafford was wild to say the least, in many different ways. Arsenal were able to go toe to toe with Manchester United and prove that, in many ways, they were the superior team. Courtesy of their win against Tottenham Hotspur it felt like there wasn’t quite as much pressure on their shoulders, whereas United badly needed a result. It was back and forth, it was tense, and most importantly it was exciting.

Some may wonder why we feel like Arsenal are the ones who were resilient, when it’s certainly a good point to state that United were able to come from behind twice. While that may be the case, the Gunners still managed to keep their heads despite the somewhat chaotic situation they found themselves in. Momentum is a big thing in this game and it was clear to see that it was swinging in the home side’s favour, and the crowd could definitely sense that.

They could sense a lot of things, actually, which is probably what helped to improve the atmosphere of the midweek game which was already viewed as being pretty important before kickoff. It felt like Arsenal were the ones playing at 80% with United giving it their full 100%, and while Arsenal couldn’t get the three points, they held in there and that’s almost equally as important.

It would’ve been a sour, sour way to lose their unbeaten run and while that isn’t what matters here, and we understand that, you’ve got to believe that it was playing on their minds. It couldn’t not in our books, given that it was United that ended their last major unbeaten run all those years ago.

As we look ahead to Arsenal’s Christmas fixtures it feels like they’ve made their way through some of the toughest challenges, which is a huge sign for them. Sure, there are even bigger tasks waiting ahead of them, but they aren’t the same team they were in the first few games when they lost to Manchester City and Chelsea. They’re better than that, and we think¬†they¬†believe that theory now too. It took some time, but it appears as if that ‘grit’ is back at the Emirates – and we sincerely hope it’s here to stay.

What was the most notable moment from last night’s game against Manchester United?

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