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Arsenal should scrape top four but it’s not enough

Posted on April 25, 2016 by David Nugent

Arsenal are once again in a fight for a top-four spot, despite being comfortable placed in the Champions League positions for most of the season and also previously being title challengers.

The Gunners are five points clear of fifth-place Manchester United. Louis van Gaal’s men have a game in-hand, but Arsene Wenger’s side have home games against Norwich and Aston Villa to come before the end of the campaign.

History repeating itself

Arsene Wenger is an Arsenal legend, but enough is enough now. Arsenal seem to go through the same routine of threatening to win the title and just scraping fourth place most seasons. I feel like I am repeating myself, because I am here writing the same thing I have in past seasons.

Should Arsenal fans be happy with finishing top four every season? I doubt many are considering that Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in England. Normal seasons it could be argued that Chelsea and Manchester city could out-spend Arsenal. Fair enough, but have Leicester or Tottenham?

Arsenal are a club with a rich history in English football and the fans should not mugged-off by pathetic excuses from a man who seems to have lost his grasp on modern day football.

Same again next season

If as expected Arsene Wenger is in charge next season, then it will be the same story. Wenger will say all the right things before the season begins and probably keep the club chequebook in his pocket.

Arsenal will again probably make the top four and Wenger will moan about luck and injuries, but will not mention his ineptitude in strengthening his squad or his lack of plan B. He will blame everybody else, even worse claim his team is in great shape.

Not good enough

Some fans of teams who have been outside the top four would no doubt be happy finishing in the Champions League spots every season, but this Arsenal.

The Gunners should not be up the top of the league because of some sense of entitlement like Liverpool or Manchester United. What must frustrate Arsenal fans is that the Gunners also seem to be just a few players away from being a real contender.

Wenger does not see this and sticks stubbornly to the mantra that his squad is good enough and they will challenge for the title next season. The Gunners are odds of 1/14 to finish in the top four, but make no mistake about it Arsene Wenger and his team have been a major let down this season.

Will anything change at Arsenal next season?

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