Arsenal set for blockbuster Adidas kit deal

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Arsenal set for blockbuster Adidas kit deal

Posted on April 10, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Football kits may not be seen as an important factor in the game by many, but in reality, they’re so much more than just money-making devices. The colour and design of your team’s kit represent its identity in more ways than one throughout the course of any given season, and because of that, they’ll always be interesting.

When it comes to Arsenal, the club have attempted to re-define the meaning of the kit for a few years now. They’ve moved away from the red and white, gone back to it, added in new colours – and they’ve done that with a variety of different kit manufacturers. Over the last few years they’ve stuck to Puma, but as reported by Daily Mail, it seems as if a multi-million-pound switch to Adidas is on the table.

Their current contract with Puma will expire at the end of the 2018/19 campaign, and it seems as if they’re already interested in looking elsewhere as opposed to re-signing.

The kit deal with Adidas, which has been proposed, could be worth more than £40 million on a per-season basis. That’s an insane amount of money on the face of it, but it makes sense when you consider just how popular Adidas are as a brand.

The Puma deal is worth £30 million, so from pure mathematics alone, you can understand why the Gunners are interested in moving in a different direction. With that being said Puma do apparently possess the ability to match Adidas’ offer if they see fit, and there are rumours that other manufacturers are interested in turning this into some kind of bidding war.

Unfortunately, something that could serve as a roadblock is the comparison to deals that Arsenal’s rivals have right now. Manchester United are also signed to Adidas for £75 million a year, whereas Chelsea’s Nike deal brings in a whopping £60 million.

While Arsenal’s brand isn’t exactly on their level, that doesn’t mean they should just roll over and accept this deal if there’s a more lucrative one out there. With that being said their potential involvement in the Champions League next season could make things even more lucrative for them, which puts a whole new level of pressure onto their current surge in the Europa League.

Should Arsenal stay with Puma or sign with Adidas?

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