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Arsenal not breaking away from the Premier League

Posted on November 17, 2018 by David Nugent

Arsenal will not break away from the English Premier League, despite showing an interest in joining a European Super League in the near future.

News that discussions over a 16-team Super League were in the pipeline has raised many questions. German football magazine Der Spiegel had claimed that English clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal were all set to sign up for the aforementioned Super League.

Any formation of the reported European Super League would seriously interfere with the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League.

Arsenal will not leave the Premier League

Arsenal managing director Vinai Venkatesham has moved quickly to state that the Gunners would be interested in taking part in a European Super League, but not at the expense of leaving the Premier League.

He told Sky Sports: “Arsenal aren’t or never have been interested in playing in any competition that weakens the Premier League,”

“The Premier League is the world’s leading league in the leading sport, we don’t want to do anything to damage the Premier League.

“When people talk about the European Super League, that covers a really big spectrum. People jump to one end of the spectrum and think this is what we are talking about – but actually often it’s just a slight evolution from where we are today.

“I see these articles that Arsenal want to break away, we never want to do any of that. But we also have to recognise we have to be in these conversations or we wouldn’t be responsible. We have to be in the conversations, it doesn’t necessarily mean we support them.”

European Super League just a money grabbing exercise

I cannot say I know all the potential ins and outs of the potential European Super League, as the people involved seem to want to keep their cards close to their chest on the details.

However, from what I have read this potential Super League is just another way of Europe’s richest clubs getting richer and stopping any other clubs breaking into the top echelon of the European game.

It seems like a fine idea Arsenal having more financial stability, but the problem is, as always the clubs hierarchy are unlikely to spend any extra income on signing new and better quality players. Instead, any extra income is likely to go to the shareholders of the club, who will just pocket the money and become richer. I am not sure it would benefit the club as a whole.

Would you be in favour of Arsenal joining a European Super League?

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