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Arsenal looks ahead to Leeds FA Cup clash – part 2

Posted on January 03, 2020 by Harry Kettle

On Eddie Nketiah’s return:
We have to sit down with the loan department and we’ll do that this afternoon, to discuss the best possible way for him to keep developing. I think the environment that he’s been living in has improved him as a player, 100 per cent. He played some minutes, not as much as we wanted, but he’s a kid with incredible potential and we have to make a decision for the club, not for the next four months but for his career. What’s the best thing to do? We have to sit down with him, hear from him – that’s very important because we need to know what he needs as well – and make the right decision for the next five months.

On whether he expects Leeds to be in the Premier League next season:
I do, yes. The way they play, the manner they behave, I follow their coach for a long time and I know how tough it will be to play against them.

On whether we should take the FA Cup seriously:
Absolutely. I would like to have more fit players so I can rotate more, but we will see what we have after tomorrow. But obviously it is a competition that is very attached to this football club in recent years and we have to take to very seriously and we have to try to go to the next round.

On the importance of winning at home for confidence levels:
It was a long time not winning at home, to create that connection with the fans, that belief that what we are trying to do has a very clear direction, supported with a win, is much better. For the players as well, they were suffering with the results and the inconsistency, so that [win] will generate more belief.

on David Luiz saying he has put the fun back into Arsenal…
I don’t know, I try to bring good energy, good spirit and trying to be positive with them that there’s still a long way to play in this league. Trying to give them clarity and direction and to play football and enjoy this profession. That’s the reason why they are here. They are such privileged boys to be playing for this football club and they have to realise it every day. We have to help them to realise that they are here to have fun as well, not just to have pressure and to live with fear about playing in that stadium. When you get the crowd going, they are so privileged to be on that pitch.

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Will Arsenal pick up the win against Leeds?

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