Arsenal interested in Henry as manager

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Arsenal interested in Henry as manager

Posted on May 17, 2018 by Harry Kettle

We weren’t planning on putting together another piece today, but we felt as if it was required given the scale of what we’re about to talk about. As reported by The Express, former Arsenal forward and club legend Thierry Henry has emerged as a shock contender to potentially become the new manager at the Emirates. This comes after a great deal of speculation that Mikel Arteta could be in┬áline to replace Arsene Wenger, as this seemingly never-ending saga continues.

At this point, we’re just going to save you all some time and provide you with an extensive list of Arsenal legends from the last 20 years. Honestly, it feels like they’ve all got a legitimate chance at winning this ‘managerial auction’ of sorts, as things go from bad to worse in North London.

Thierry Henry has absolutely no right to be considered a contender for the Arsenal job, and it really is that simple. We’re talking about an extremely fragile club who have not only just missed out on Champions League football for the second year running but are also attempting to prepare for their first new appointment in this role in over two decades.

Now let’s not get things twisted here, Henry was an absolutely phenomenal player. The guy was capable of some remarkable things during his playing career, and you could probably argue that he’s one of the greatest stars to have ever graced the Premier League. With that being said, being an assistant manager for less than two years with the Belgian national team does not translate into him having enough experience to be in charge of Arsenal Football Club.

This isn’t like Zinedine Zidane taking charge at Real Madrid, as they had a group of legitimate superstars who were already thriving. Honestly, it feels more like a desperate Alan Shearer-esque appointment, which is ironic, given how much time they’ve shared together as pundits.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for Arsenal to choose wisely regarding who will become their new manager because it could impact them for years to come. Just look at Manchester United: they botched the arrival of David Moyes so badly that you could argue they still haven’t been able to recover to this day.

Should Arsenal consider Thierry Henry?

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  1. KENNEDY ZOMBA says:

    Mike is not a good choice for the Gunners.The only quality manegers for the job are Luis Enirique ,patrick Veira ,Uai Emery and Allegre Massimiliano.

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