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Arsenal fans embrace the international break

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Harry Kettle

It’s time for yet another international break, and in Europe, it could prove to be a big one. The European Championships are set to take place next summer, and the qualifiers that are going to take place over the next two weeks will help us to determine which nations will actually be competing in the tournament.

Pushing past it

For most of them getting over the finish line is nothing more than a formality, but for others, they really need to graft and grind in order to make it to UEFA Euro 2020. Of course, there are a lot of fans out there who simply do not care about anything related to the international break, which is something we’d quite like to talk about today.

In short, for any Arsenal supporters out there who are resisting the international break and simply want to see the continuation of the domestic game, try your best to put those feelings to one side. This serves as a golden opportunity for Gunners supporters around the world to embrace a different side of the game, because lord knows that’s exactly what we could use at this moment in time.

Focus on the positives

The turmoil surrounding Arsenal Football Club isn’t going to go away, and if anything, these two weeks will give the board a solid amount of time to reflect on what’s happening and consider what they want to do about it. Nobody knows whether or not Unai Emery has the potential to go on and be a legendary manager for the club, but the early signs certainly aren’t great, are they? We know that you can’t really say “early stages” given how long the Spaniard has been in the role, but for a moment, let’s just consider the possibility of having a manager in charge that is even able to put a dent in the tenure Wenger had here.

Football is a fickle game which ensures changes will be made pretty regularly, especially from a managerial point of view. The board will make a decision based on what they feel is best for the club and for themselves financially, and that’s fine. Instead of moaning about a situation that we literally have no control over, though, how about we look towards some of the international showdowns that will take place between now and the Premier League starting up again.

Are you excited about the upcoming international break?

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