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Arsenal defeat Bayern Munich in Los Angeles

Posted on July 18, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Pre-season friendlies can either be incredibly tedious, or they can be pretty fun. It won’t come as much of a surprise for you to learn, or already know, that it pretty much all depends on whether or not your team wins the game. Arsenal supporters knew that the pre-season tour of the United States didn’t really mean all that much in the grand scheme of things, but after the resounding win over Colorado Rapids, there was cause for some optimism.

Low expectations

Heading into the game against Bayern Munich, though, the nerves were understandably there given the beatings that the German giants have issued out to the Gunners at various points over the last few years. Whether it’s a friendly or a competitive game they just seem to have Arsenal’s number, to the point where a lot of fans had already kind of resigned themselves to the idea of a defeat.

The first half didn’t really have all too much notable action to talk about, with both sides just kind of going through the motions. As we look ahead to their respective campaigns next year it’s clear to see that they’ll be having very different ambitions, with Bayern Munich going after the title once again and Arsenal battling it out just to get into the top four.

A pleasant surprise

In the second half, though, things got a little bit more lively as an own goal from┬áLouis Poznanski gave arsenal a somewhat unlikely lead. The Gunners looked to be in control for a while when suddenly, a cross from former Arsenal player Serge Gnabry allowed Robert Lewandowski to head in an equaliser. Alas, it wasn’t to be for Bayern on this night as Eddie Nketiah, who many consider to be one of Arsenal’s brightest young stars, scored the winner with just two minutes remaining in normal time.

Again, we aren’t going to put much stock into this, but it’s definitely worth noting that the players out there looked like they were really going after every ball.

“Our responsibility in this club – for the history, present and future – is to give young players a chance,” Emery said.

“If they deserve minutes, they’ll get minutes. I’m very happy with them.”

Arsenal have two games remaining in their tour of the US, as they now prepare to take on Fiorentina before going head to head with Real Madrid.

Does this result mean anything for Arsenal?

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