Arsenal and Liverpool are Premier League twins

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Arsenal and Liverpool are Premier League twins

Posted on March 20, 2018 by Harry Kettle

As we approach the end of the season it’s always interesting to look back and reflect on what’s gone down in the world of football since the campaign began back in August. There have been surprising transfers, last minute winners and controversies galore, but one thing has remained the same – Arsenal and Liverpool continue to mirror each other in every single way.

For years now the Gunners and the Reds have been seen as veterans in the ranks of the top four, with both achieving UEFA Champions League qualification year in and year out. But, almost in unison, they’ve both fallen victim to complacency in recent times which has led many fans to believe that they’re no longer the powerhouses they once were.

Failed expectations

They both tend to drop points at home against teams they should be defeating with ease, they both have world class superstars who should probably be playing at a higher level, and they both have fanbases which can be considered ‘fickle’ depending on the situation.

Plus, in what may be one of the most important points of all, they like to live in the past. The Emirates faithful continue to harp on about their historic Invincibles season which took place nearly 15 years ago now, meanwhile, the Merseyside club are intent on reminding everyone that they’re five-time champions of Europe – with their last triumph coming back in 2005.

The beautiful game

With that being said, another valuable comparison comes in their style of play. Both Liverpool and Arsenal and renowned all over the globe for playing incredibly attractive football, which is something that can often be a rarity in the modern day Premier League landscape. Sure, the results may not always come, but the reason so many notable players move to these clubs is often down to their reputations from a technical standpoint.

If all of that isn’t enough to convince you of their similarities, then consider their rumoured transfer dealings heading into the summer window of 2018. Firstly, they were linked with several attacking players despite requiring desperate help at the back, and now the two English football giants have focused their attention on battling it out for the signature of goalkeeper Bernd Leno.

As the weeks go on, it’ll be fascinating to see where the two end up once the final whistle is blown.

Which is the bigger club – Arsenal or Liverpool?

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