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Are you excited?

Posted on July 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

In case you hadn’t heard or have been living under a rock, England are playing in a World Cup semi-final today against Croatia for the right to face France in the final. That’s not a joke and that’s not some kind of wind-up ahead of the new domestic season, because it’s true. While we fully understand that the title of this video will probably confuse some of you given that most people reading this are likely English, there’s always a chance that you haven’t been fully embracing the World Cup fever that’s been sweeping across the nation.

Alas, even if you haven’t been, now is the time to wake up and smell the coffee. This year’s tournament has been nothing short of phenomenal and as it turns out, England have been a pretty big part of it. They’ve managed to mastermind their way to the final four off the back of Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane, Harry Maguire and a parade of other heroes within the squad. The general message that has been sent out is that it’s ‘coming home’ and while most of us are just joking around, we haven’t ‘believed’ it was going to happen like this for quite some time.

The streets are full of enthusiastic fans, the beer is flying off the shelves and Three Lions is being played on repeat. What’s happening? Are we in some kind of vortex or alternate dimension in which England are actually good at football?

The feel-good vibes from Russia 2018 are undoubtedly going to last for years on end, and if we win the whole thing, the country will probably descend into chaos. Budweiser bottle lids will be used as currency, nobody will go to work and we’ll all be singing Vindaloo until our vocal chords burst.

We aren’t telling you to get behind England for the sake of it, especially considering that many of you probably aren’t even English. What we are doing, however, is pleading with you all to open your mind to the idea of us actually getting the job done. If we start to believe it internally then that will spread throughout the whole football world and maybe, just maybe, everyone can start to take us a little bit more seriously.

One thing is for sure – more eyes are going to be on the Premier League than ever before this year, which is great news for the likes of Arsenal who are aiming to continue their resurgence under Unai Emery. But for the sake of this article and for the sake of everyone out there who is incredibly nervous about tonight, just know this.

It’s coming home.

Are you excited?

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