Are there benefits to Mikel Arteta?

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Are there benefits to Mikel Arteta?

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Mikel Arteta is considered to be the frontrunner to become the new Arsenal manager, and isn’t that sentence just a little bit strange? Seriously, doesn’t it just feel a bit odd? After all, the guy is still in his mid-30s, and he was playing for the Gunners as recently as 2016. Plus, his only real form of managerial experience comes as an assistant gaffer to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City – which is a role he’s been in for less than two years.

Still, despite this, some fans are trying to see the positives in this situation. Naturally, Mikel Arteta isn’t a guy who you’d go to as the first choice, and you could argue he wouldn’t even be the tenth. With that being said, one of the things that football fans have always tried to deal with is making the best of a bad situation, and that’s one of the only ways to really describe what’s happening here. When we look towards good reasons for this appointment, they’re few and far between, which is the painful yet honest truth of it all.

Arteta may have had experience playing with a handful of these players a few years back, but how many of them will still be members of the first team by the time the new season rolls around? The output is going to be severe given how many contract situations need to be sorted out at the Emirates, and beyond that, it just doesn’t feel like Arteta has that authority necessary to thrive at this level.

That could all be a load of rubbish, but just because he’s been learning under Guardiola doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to have the same kind of success. It’s almost like the Arsenal board have associated him as a winner courtesy of City’s Premier League domination, and now, they’re assuming that being Pep’s assistant is going to give them the keys to the castle.

It’s not, because that’s not how it works.

Something that could go in Arteta’s favour would be his youth, in that his lack of experience could lead to him being a bit more daring. This is going to be his first major job in management, and maybe Arsenal need someone who is going to risk it all in the name of seeing what happens. It could easily go wrong for them, but things have already been pretty dire over the last few years.

There’s no right or wrong answer here just yet, so maybe we just need to wait and see how it plays out.

Are you in favour of Arteta getting the job?

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  1. Vicbklyn says:

    The real truth is control! #silentstanout aka #Mr.Walmart aka #askhisotherfranchises does not want a manager that will out him. Rumors of Allegri, Enrique wanting guaranteed financial support and a salary comparable to the other top managers. 😱 terrifies #silentstan. Wenger’s $8million/year was a steal for a manager to take the blame while I Robb Arsenal for hundreds of millions & invest nothing. Genius!!! New manager gets a honeymoon gift of fools gold to be balanced out by the selling of a couple of players as the husband of a Walmart Heiress laughs at us Gooners at his ranch in Texas($800+million) that is bigger than NYC.

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