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Appreciating the English rise in Europe

Posted on April 10, 2019 by Harry Kettle

One thing that seems to be pretty universal throughout all of English football is the desire to not see your rival clubs do well in European competition. If your team isn’t big enough to warrant a place in the Champions League or Europa League, then sometimes, it can be easier to appreciate others doing well from afar. However, this burning rivalry between the top sides in England just doesn’t seem to want to go away anytime soon. We can somewhat understand the logic behind it, but in truth, we still believe all fans should try their hardest to appreciate the excellence of football in this country.

All of Arsenal’s biggest rivals are still in Europe in one way or another, and we aren’t going to lie, that’s pretty cool. So whilst everyone else is choosing to be negative, we’re going to run down the success of England’s finest this season.

Manchester United

The Red Devils’ heroics against Paris Saint-Germain were difficult not to love, even if you’re the most passionate hater of Ole’s men. They deservedly booked their place in the quarter finals against Barcelona, and while they may be the underdogs, it’ll be interesting to see how they navigate the first leg tonight.

Manchester City

City are going after the quadruple, but they certainly seem to be slowing down as the weeks go on. Their loss against Tottenham last night was really poor, and they never really seemed to get going. They’ll need to put in a big shift if they want to turn things around at the Etihad.


Liverpool eased to victory over Porto in the first leg of their quarter final┬átie, and when you look at all of the teams left in Europe from England, they’ve probably got the best chance of lifting the Champions League trophy.


As long as Chelsea don’t take Slavia Praha lightly and ensure that they give their absolute best against the Czech side tomorrow night, they should be considered one of the favourites heading into the final four.


Yes, we all hate them, but they beat Manchester City. Where did that come from? They’ll do incredibly well to maintain that advantage in the second leg, but even if they don’t, it’s been a pretty solid run for Spurs so far.

If you could pick one of these clubs to lift a European trophy at the end of the current season, which would you choose and why?

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