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A look back at the last six in review – Part 2

Posted on January 24, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal 4-1 Fulham

It’s a good result, but fans were still feeling the effects of the Liverpool game – mainly because they knew they’d lost some major ground. It was an efficient attacking performance and it’s kind of difficult to get all too upset about a 4-1 win, but it was more of an ‘on to the next’ moment. Still, fair play for the efficiency.

Blackpool 0-3 Arsenal

You can also file this one under the ‘to be expected’ section, because Blackpool should never have really been posing any realistic threats to the Gunners. They may be the plucky underdogs, but in truth, this probably should’ve been even more emphatic than it was. What’ll be interesting is to see how Emery sets his team up in the next round, given that many folks don’t really view the FA Cup as much of a priority.

West Ham 1-0 Arsenal

West Ham are a good side and it’d be wrong to understate that fact, but this really did highlight that problems were present in the squad from head to toe. The momentum from the unbeaten run was well and truly gone, and this team felt burnt out. As a result you’d think they’d do everything in their power to go out and improve matters during the transfer window, but that’s a different story for another day.

Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea

Where did this come from? We all know that Arsenal are just as good as Chelsea, but this really did feel like the moment in which they’d pull away in the race for the top four once and for all. It was a plucky performance from Arsenal but it wasn’t necessarily an impressive one, and to be honest, it’s going to mean absolutely nothing unless they can capitalise on it in the next few months.

Are you happy with Arsenal’s performances in their last six games?

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