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A look at the last six

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Harry Kettle

It’s time to swallow our pride and take a look at Arsenal’s last six games, as we attempt to figure out what on earth can be done in order to steady the ship at the Emirates. While there have been bright spots throughout the early months of the season, the constant calls for ‘Emery out’ certainly seem to drown out the positives.

Nobody really seems to fully know or understand what’s going to happen next with the club in the next few weeks and months, so instead of worrying about that as we await the final results of the international break, it’s better to glance at what’s already been and figure out what can be done to rectify some of the lingering (and more obvious) issues.

Arsenal 3-2 Vitoria

If it wasn’t for Nicolas Pepe, Arsenal’s Europa League journey would’ve looked very different. They were spared their blushes following a performance in which the Portuguese side really did show up when it mattered the most at the Emirates. They let it slip through their fingers and Arsenal really came into their own late on, so fair play to them.

Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace

They always seem to struggle against teams like Palace, and once again, they left themselves far too open at the back. Palace could’ve easily gone on to win and will be disappointed that they didn’t manage to do so, because by the end of the game, Arsenal resembled a team battling relegation.

Liverpool 5-5 Arsenal (5-4 on penalties)

It’s hard to complain when you stick five goals past Liverpool at Anfield, but this game once again proved that Arsenal cannot hold onto a lead to save their lives. The Reds didn’t even have their full team out, and during the shootout, Arsenal couldn’t quite keep their nerve.

Arsenal 1-1 Wolves

Seeing off games is one of the biggest challenges facing this team right now and that much is obvious. They just seem incapable of really taking that next step and putting teams to the sword, in some kind of deep-rooted anxiety. Wolves were great and really grew into the game, and in many ways, Arsenal were lucky to come away with the point.

Vitoria 1-1 Arsenal

Arsenal did not deserve to win this game of football, and it was actually nice to see Vitoria get what they somewhat deserved in the form of a point.

Leicester 2-0 Arsenal

The Gunners were in this game for the first hour or so but once the Foxes started to string some nice passages of play together, it was always destined to go downhill. Leicester wound up playing Arsenal off the park in the final third, and it could’ve been three or four if it wasn’t for Leno.

How do you feel about Arsenal’s last six games?

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