A look at Arsenal's 2019/20 Premier League fixture list - Part 2

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A look at Arsenal’s 2019/20 Premier League fixture list – Part 2

Posted on June 13, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Boxing Day – Bournemouth (A)

Heading down to the south coast on Boxing Day isn’t going to be ideal, but we aren’t exactly expecting Bournemouth to do much next season. They’ll probably be down in the relegation mix, whereas Arsenal, by this point, should be right in the hunt for a place in the top four. This should be another win, no questions asked.

Chelsea Home – December 28th

Revenge should, and will, be on the mind of many fans as Arsenal attempt to get back at the Blues following the Europa League final. We’d like to think Arsenal will be on a really strong run of form by this point, but you can never really tell or predict what’s going to happen. In terms of timing, a lack of strength in depth could cause problems just two days after taking on Bournemouth.

Chelsea Away – January 22nd

Two Chelsea games within a month or so is the definition of interesting, but at least it gets them out of the way early. At this stage there’s a good chance both teams will still be in European competition, but if one is and the other isn’t, then that could completely shift the momentum of the occasion.

Tottenham Away – April 25th

The fact that this game is going down so close to the end of the season is making us a little bit anxious, but at the same time, we wholeheartedly believe in the club’s ability to ruin the day at Spurs’ new stadium. They’ll be nervous, they’ll be tense, and while the same will be true of Arsenal, we think they’re more than capable of beating them. Capable is a dangerous word, isn’t it?

Final Day – Watford (H), May 17th

The final day of the season. To be honest, we kind of hope that Arsenal have the top four secured by this point, but that’s a luxury that we may not be able to afford. At the very least they should be in with a shout of something, and while it may sound crazy, we kind of don’t want there to be a Europa League final for them to prepare for. Focus on the Premier League, because let’s face it, the Europa League wound up being nothing more than a massive distraction.

Which game are you most excited about now that Arsenal’s fixture list has been released?

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