A forgotten trait of Unai Emery

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A forgotten trait of Unai Emery

Posted on May 25, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It’s easy to dismiss someone like Unai Emery right off the bat, mainly because nobody knows that much about him. Sure, he’s considered to be a hot commodity due to his reputation stemming from Sevilla and PSG, but beyond that, Arsenal fans have no frame of reference regarding how he’ll do in English football. However, there’s a trait of his which runs throughout his entire career – and nobody seems to be focusing on it yet.

The 46-year-old comes across as a guy who sets his mind on something and then executes his plan in the best way possible, which is a smart way to position yourself as a manager. While some guys his age have spent most of their time in one country in order to feel familiar with the system in place, Emery has experience around Europe which could prove to be invaluable.

As we all know he kicked things off in Spain, spending nearly a decade honing his craft in order to build up the confidence necessary to go out and test his hand elsewhere. That takes guts at the best of times, and while things didn’t exactly go to plan when he went over to Russia, the fact that he took the jump proves that he’s been there and done it when it comes to being unprepared. Needless to say, he didn’t make that mistake again.

After heading back to Spain, he once again took a leap of faith by going to France and leading PSG to success. It may seem like we’re just leading out a list of his accomplishments and nothing more, but in reality, there’s more to it than that. He understands the mentality you need to have in order to go into a new country and grow as a manager, which is why we think he’s well suited to take over from Arsene Wenger.

Plus, and this can’t be understated, he’s said to be relatively similar to Pep Guardiola who has already praised his jump to English football. If he can learn from Pep and harness his skills in North London, then Arsenal fans are in for a treat.

Do you believe Unai Emery going to have a strong first season?

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  1. gooneroldie says:

    what short memories some supp0rters do have!! ember beating man.c.in a cup semi final last season ?beating chelsea in the final?recently we lost at man u.with almost a b team?-all is reqired is a dominatig centre back and good dm-secure the right playersand i think we will chalange for top spot

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