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A big moment for Koscielny

Posted on December 14, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Last night marked the official return to the starting XI for Laurent Koscielny who, as we all know, has been out injured since last season after rupturing his Achilles. Despite the fact that he was and still is the captain, many fans were curious as to whether or not he could get back to his very best – especially at the age of 33. While some are still throwing questions like that around, it feels safe to assume that he has at least an ounce of his mojo back after last night.

The return

The game against Qarabag wasn’t exactly going to trouble the Gunners all too much, but it was still a game that a lot of people wanted to ensure they avoided defeat in – if only to keep their unbeaten run going. Either way, Koscielny played his part perfectly and assisted Arsenal in easing towards a much deserved clean sheet.

“It is difficult being out injured. It was the first big injury of my career and I had to take a long time out, but you learn a lot about yourself and I am very happy. I am focused mentally, and I can smile and enjoy the rest of the season.”

Those are the words of Mr Koscielny, who made it quite clear from that comment alone that he has one goal and one goal only: helping Arsenal Football Cub to be the best they possibly can be. There’s something that is overwhelmingly inspirational and overwhelmingly pleasing about that, because we’re talking about a guy who also had the responsibility of being captain on his shoulders.

Looking ahead

He has given his all to AFC over the course of the last eight years, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him have at least two more at the top with the Gunners. If nothing else we’d love to see him raise one more piece of silverware with the club, because come on now, can you think of anyone else who deserves it more?

Football fans can be fickle in what they want and who they want to see but it always felt like the Emirates faithful stuck with Kos through thick and thin. That probably wasn’t always easy, but it proves that Arsenal is much more than just a football club, it’s a family.

Are you happy to see Laurent Koscielny back?

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