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20 unbeaten

Posted on December 06, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Well, they did it.

After battling and clawing their way through some seriously tough games over the course of the last few months, Arsenal have reached a point that few could’ve imagined they’d get to – 20 games unbeaten in all competitions. It’s a feat that deserves to be spoken about if only for a few minutes, because god only knows when it’s going to happen again. We know that we’ve done this for quite a few of their landmarks that have been achieved along the way, but it just feels right to praise it.

At some point along the way you just know that they would’ve been thinking about it in the back of their minds. They would’ve considered what it would mean to go 20 games unbeaten, regardless of where they are in the table (and they’re still in a pretty damn good position).

This was supposed to be a season of transition and nothing more, with the end goal being to end up in one of those elusive Champions League spots. This club is in a great position to return to the competition in one of two ways – either a top four finish or success in the Europa League final, which doesn’t seem like an accomplishment that is a million miles away.

There’s no guarantee that’ll happen but there is a guarantee of what they’ll give and how much they’ll work in order to try and get there. We know that there could be a really bad spell waiting around the next corner but sometimes, you need to just stop and appreciate the determination. When looking at their next run of games it’s reasonable to suggest that they could keep this going for a good few weeks, even with Spurs and Liverpool coming up – both of whom failed to defeat Arsenal earlier in the season.

Now, the big task is going to be deciding what players will come in and what players will go out in the next few transfer windows. The last thing anyone wants is to upset the established order, because this squad seems to be capable of producing some really top performances. With just a little bit of tinkering, they could easily be onto something special and we don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

What has been your favourite moment from Arsenal’s 20 game unbeaten run?

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