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£150k a week for Ramsey?

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There are reports floating around that Everton will be attempting to lure Aaron Ramsey to Goodison Park with an offer believed to be worth £150,000 a week for the Welshman. While that may initially sound pretty appealing to literally anyone who isn’t Aaron Ramsey, it seems a little off given that we’ve also heard that he has been holding out for £250,000 a week at Arsenal.

The Gunners seemingly weren’t interested in forking out that kind of cash to keep him on the books which is why he’s looking elsewhere, but there’s one thing we’ve learned from this whole saga: you literally can’t trust any sources until something is made official.

Remaining uncertain

Things can change with the click of a button these days in the world of football, and unless we’re insiders, nobody truly knows what’s actually going on. It can be a little exhausting to deal with that kind of ‘way of living’ sometimes in this sport, but let’s face it, that’s what gets people talking.

We’d love it if there was a more legitimate way of feeding out the transfer news of the world to people, but it really doesn’t seem like that’s the case. One way or another we’ll probably get an answer in regards to Aaron Ramsey over the course of the next few months, but again, that isn’t even a guarantee. It shows how circumstantial these kinds of things are, because even if the Ramsey situation goes quiet for a few months, it’ll still pop back up again eventually – and there will always be pockets of people who want to talk about it.

Left to the imagination

For what it’s worth we’re convinced that he’s going to leave at this stage, but something that interests us even more than that is how he’s going to be received upon leaving. Is he going to get a guard of honour, or will we just see a ‘thanks for the memories’ kind of departure?

There are still so many questions that we have about all of this and the fans are probably getting equally as sick about it as we are, but again, there could be a report tomorrow suggesting that Barcelona are interested and we’d probably all buy into it. Long story short: it must be nice to be Aaron Ramsey.

What in the world will happen next with Aaron Ramsey?

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