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Why has Alexis Sanchez been pushed out wide?

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Crippy Cooke

Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez made way for Danny Welbeck to lead the line in Monday’s Premier League clash with Crystal Palace, instead operating as a left-winger with license to cut inside on his favoured right foot. While a position the Chilean international has vast experience in, Sanchez has been full of goals since his move to a centre-forward, which raises the question why he’s no longer operating through the middle.

The 28-year-old flashed two early chances off target but faded as the game went on and it was clear being out wide wasn’t helping. Manager Arsene Wenger was applauded by supporters for fixing the side’s deficiencies in attack this season – Sanchez has scored and created 27 goals in 28 Premier League starts– but he’s been oddly moved back wide without vindication from results.

It’s worth noting Sanchez has scored just two goals in his last eight games in all competitions, and just once in the Premier League since early February. His movement and industry made him a nightmare for defenders to contain, but now his return to a left-sided position hampers Arsenal’s threat in the central areas. Arsenal are 1/10 to finish outside of the top-four given the recent dip in form, so would returning Sanchez up front turn things around?

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  1. Ken says:

    It is too late now.
    Arsene has blown out everything, players, staff, fans, CEO with his sort of self sustaining model that only brings in profit and keeps his 8m salary.
    Arsene pays extra money for his flops and always renew their contracts, but prefers to sell an outstanding player due to his reluctance to pay a couple of bucks more.
    So with average players and average buys you are only to stand as average in the league.
    Arsene needs to make place for Wellbeck, Giroud, so he displaces Sanchez. At the same time, with his faulty judgement he thinks he needs to convert Sanchez to an all rounder like he did with Theo, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain etc. The result is that these players end up not knowing exactly what to do on the pitch: go forward, score, go back and defend or they develop a conflicting sense of positioning on the field and end up doing nothing.
    I remember, Arsene saying, that there was more to come from Ozil, he needed to score more goals. Well, the latter started to play more up field and I personally think, that we started to lose ground from that day. We lost balance in mid field and confused Ozil about his role in the team

    Arsene is old, outdated and certainly not knowledgeable. The money he brings to the club will also fade out because it is based on wrong judgments and poor decision making. He does not seem to know how to adjust to changing circumstances, may be that has a lot to do with what he has done for the last ten years and right now he is too old and does not possess the mental and cognitive resources to handle those variables.
    So, whether he stays for one year or two or whatever, the golden days are out of his reach.
    The more pressure we put on him and at the same the more he believes he will be able to reinvent himself , the more he will lose himself and not be able to cope with the increasing number of parameters and variables. He will tire and completely lose any structure both physically and mentally.
    He is in a damn loop and the AKBs will bite their fingers, specially Tony and his girlfriend Walter from Untold Arsenal, who are most probably close to him and getting paid for their dirty job.
    In fact there is a way he could escape: delegate responsibilities and set targets for his junior staffs. He needs to train them to develop their abilities (which he no longer holds), just like an old mason who can no more lay blocks but can teach someone to do it. He must accept to limit his responsibilities within the club and concentrate in training the players with hiring extra help. But there is one thing he cannot do anymore is being stubborn and continue with his failing philosophy. He must accept change and work differently. However, at this age, many have failed the test, because they are no more objective and believe they are self-sufficient and omnipotent rather than impotent.
    There is nothing we need to do except:let the system implode and start rebuilding. The board won’t do anything, now, because they fear they would lose the easy money and get another guy who would be the exact opposite of Wenger(focusing on glory rather than saving money).They will only act if they feel the money will lessen and if there is a real danger of a rebellion among paying fans and sponsors. Both are not too far away, but it is a certainty they will come as Arsene , simply cannot reinvent himself and cannot make himself any younger.

    That’s it. All those who cannot see it coming, the AKBs, the board, etc., I am very sorry for you, everyone cannot possess analytical skills and work as analysts. So, I would be grateful, if you do not understand the pattern I depicted above, refrain yourself replying with silly comments.

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