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Van Persie – No regrets over the missed chip

Posted on March 07, 2012 by admin

Looking back at yesterday’s game against AC Milan, the Arsenal skipper Robin Van Persie declared that he’s not going to regret trying to chip Abbiati in his attempt to score the night’s fourth goal and draw Arsenal level.

The skipper could have chosen to blast the ball and from that position it would have certainly been impossible for Abbiati to keep the ball out, but the Dutchman has no regrets.

“I had to go for the chip. I still have to look back, but that is how I felt and that is why I chipped it.”

“I think everyone was proud tonight – the fans, the players and everyone who watched this game was thrilled to watch it. Everyone enjoyed it.”

The game was indeed spectacular but it could have been even more spectacular if Robin would have chosen the safest way instead of the most spectacular one. That proved to be one of the last chances in the game for the Gunners who were unable to grab that vital last goal and finished the game with one goal short of the target.

Not even Frenchman Wenger contested Robin’s decision, although we could have seen how frustrated he was after coming so close to making history last night.

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  1. Youssef says:

    It was a great performance yesterday.
    everyone seems to put a lot of pressure on RVP because he tried his best to score this 4th goal. I am sure that every one would have said that it was the best goal if he had succeded to put it in the net but unfortunatly for all of us, it didn’t.
    And don’t forget one thing: AC milan had 3 big chances to kill the game like the one of necerino or el shaarawy…
    We are proud of yesterday’s result and do look about black points 😉
    Gooner for Ever !

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