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Thierry Henry wants Arsenal return and still backs Wenger

Posted on February 14, 2013 by admin

The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has always made it clear that he is still a staunch Gooner and even though he is still playing for the New York Red Bulls he has made it clear that he would love to return to the club one day. He obviously has no desire to put his feet up and play at the best UK casino online and still wants to be involved in the game of football when he retires, preferably at Arsenal.

He is aware that Arsenal have not won a trophy for a long time, but he still thinks that Arsene Wenger should be above criticism considering his previous record and the wonderful changes he has already implemented through his years as manager.

Henry said: “When you don’t win, people are always going to question your work, your legacy and what you did before. It is sad, but that is the way the game is.

“It is difficult to hear, difficult to see, but for me the boss will always be Arsene. He’s always great for me and I know what he’s done for the club.

“You’re always going to get judged on your last performance or what you are doing at the minute, but it is kind of hard to criticize Arsene Wenger, knowing how he has changed the club and how the team is playing right now compared to how the team was playing before.

“All I know is that I will be involved in the game and hopefully be involved with Arsenal, because that is the heart talking there. That is the team I support.

“Forget about me as a player, that’s the team I support. If I can go back to the club, I would love to do it, but it’s not up to me.”

I personally believe that Wenger will still be in charge at Arsenal for many more years, and I would love to see Henry brought back to work under him as his apprentice in some way. Perhaps he could help to instill the wnning mentality back into the team as a whole?

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  1. mystic says:

    Terrible shame that Henry should blot his copy book with such a misguided defence of Wenger.

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