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Klinsmann backs Clint Dempsey’s move to a “Champions League Club”

Posted on May 26, 2012 by admin

Clint Dempsey reportedly is wanted by Arsenal and his national team’s coach suggests he’d better go.

Jurgen Klinsmann, the USA coach, has encouraged Clint Dempsey to move to a Champions League club, and if he now has the chance to go to Arsenal, he’d better take it.

The attacking midfielder who currently plays for Fulham, has had an excellent season at Craven Cottage, managing to score 17 goals in 37 league appearances. He is now a target for Arsenal, Liverpool and even PSG, and the American has also stated that he would like to play for a great club.

The 29 years old still has some time left for playing football, but this could be one of his last chances to move to a better club, a club that wants to play Champions League season after season.

His national team’s boss Jurgen Klinsmann is confident that Dempsey will get the move to Arsenal as he hopes, and that the move will happen soon.

The German said: “If you play consistently at the highest level then offers will come in. I think everybody is aware of that. His goal is the right goal, we have often discussed it.”

“If he has the opportunity to go to a Champions League team, that’s the crème de la crème of club soccer then you have to do that, with all the respect obviously to Fulham, as he often mentions.”

“But you want to play in the biggest club competition in the world and that’s the European Champions League and hopefully something will happen over the next couple of weeks.”

“If it doesn’t happen then he has to keep pounding away and knocking at the door.”

“We haven’t talked about it yet – but before on the phone, following up his Premier League games we discussed different ways of approaching things.”

Arsenal could use a playmaker like Dempsey, who is found of scoring and can also play for his team-mates. If the American will come to play for the Gunners, it will be a hard knock for Fulham, but every player wants to play Champions League and Arsenal is a club that can offer him that.

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  1. Aussie Jack says:

    I know it was only a video clip and I realize they only show the very best in a player but I`m more than impressed with Yarmalenko and would prefer him to Dempsey. From what I saw he can do all the things Walcott can`t do. He can beat his man, or two men ,maybe even three, time and time again. He has a powerful shot, he finds slots to position himself into because he`s a excellent reader of the game. With Wilshere, Arteta, Podolski, Yarmalenko behind van Persie and Giroud that`s quite an attack. Of course I`m thinking 4-4-2, shucks!!!!!

  2. T-phranck says:

    Dempsey will be a good signing with his PL experience he can score and assist abundantly.consider RvP PODOLSKY DEMPSEY THEO.there are 2 things in common GOALS and ASSISTS

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