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Arsenal ‘not mentally ready’ says Wenger

Posted on February 02, 2017 by David Nugent

According to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, his team were not ‘not mentally ready for the physical challenges Watford offered’. To be fair to Mr Wenger Arsenal’s lack of mental readiness and strength has been an obvious cause for concern for a while now.

Talking about the game Wenger told the Guardian: “mentally, we were not ready for the [physical] challenges. When you play at home, in our position, that is not normal. Everybody in the Premier League is strong physically and [to give] 90% is not enough.”

Sorry, Arsene but your team never seems ready. There is always a slip-up against a lesser team around the corner. That is the reason why the Gunners have failed to win the Premier League title in over a decade.

Some will say that the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United have spent more money in recent windows. However, Leicester won the title last season on a small budget, aided by the Gunners ineptitude.

Arch-rivals Tottenham have not exactly spent a fortune on strengthening their squad. Even the £30million fee for French midfielder Moussa Sissoko is being paid in instalments.

Arsenal have looked like genuine contenders for the title so many times in recent years and have shot themselves in the foot. The one attribute that seems to be currently missing is the mental toughness to win the games that matter.

If the team are not mentally ready or strong enough then big questions have to be asked of Wenger and his staff. Why are they not mentally ready? Why are they not good enough?

As the team’s manager, he should be the one trying to figure this out. For too long, Arsenal have been a soft-touch. They have gone from the Invincibles to the nearly men of English football in the last decade.

Doubts about Wenger’s future

Performances like the one against Watford are only going to increase the doubts about Wenger’s future with the Gunners. The Frenchman is a great economist and the club will be in a great financial position when he leaves.

Unfortunately, a team and a manager are judged on results on the field by the fans. Fans care little about the clubs finances if they are winning trophies and silverware. When they are not then questions have to be asked about everybody involved in the first team squad, especially the boss.

Arsene Wenger, much like his team does so often has shot himself in the foot by saying his team were ‘not mentally ready’ Anybody who has watched Arsenal on a semi-regular basis can tell you that the current group of players lack any mental strength. It is as simple as that.

Is Arsenal’s lack of mental strength not down to Arsene Wenger?

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