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5 managers who could replace Wenger at Arsenal

Posted on February 01, 2013 by admin

5 managers who could replace Arsene Wenger this summer

There’s a chance that Arsenal might be looking for a new manager at the end of the season and they wouldn’t be short of quality applicants

All good things must come to an end and that includes Arsene Wenger’s tenure at Arsenal FC. While the Frenchman might still be in charge in ten years’ time, there is also the possibility that Wenger might choose the end of this current season as a chance to step down after taking charge in 1996.

If the 63-year-old decided to leave, who would replace him? We can think of five men that might be interested in taking over the mantle.

• David Moyes

Moyes has been linked with the Chelsea and Manchester United manager’s position, although the Scot could be interested in a fresh challenge at the Emirates Stadium instead. While Arsenal aren’t a big-spending Premier League club, they do have bigger budgets than Everton and the Toffees boss knows how to operate within financial parameters as Wenger has done so successfully over the years.

• Diego Simeone

Simeone is probably best known in England for being kicked by David Beckham during the 1998 World Cup, although the Argentine is fast making a name for himself as a top-class manager and is doing very well with Atletico Madrid this season. He took charge in 2011 and could be interested in taking a high-profile job in England, with age on his side at 42.

• Steve Bould

Perhaps Arsenal will decide to promote from within and how about the man who is perched next to Wenger in the dug-out every week? Bould is Arsenal’s assistant manager and replaced Pat Rice in the summer, with the 50-year-old now potentially being groomed for the top position. He knows the club inside out having been Head Youth Team Coach at the successful Arsenal Academy.

• Malky Mackay

Everything Mackay has done during his managerial career to date has turned to gold. He was working wonders with a shoestring budget at Watford before taking charge of Cardiff City and his team are well clear at the top of the Championship and destined for the Premier League. If Brendan Rodgers can earn a move to a club like Liverpool, then Arsenal could come in for the Scot.

• Rudi Garcia

“Arsene Who” was the headline when Wenger replaced George Graham and the same might apply here, with Garcia currently in charge of Lille where he won the league and cup double in 2011. The 48-year-old has previously managed Saint-Etienne, Dijon and Le Mans, having built up a solid understanding of French football and might look to transfer his skills to north London.

Written by Matthew Glazier from Bettingpro.com.

12 to “5 managers who could replace Wenger at Arsenal”

  1. don says:

    change is good n it’s really needed at the emirates.to me,moyes is the best replacement.he understands the engli

  2. me says:

    Hmmm.. some people keep saying wenger out. if only u can mention 1 manager in ur list who ables to bring trophies n money in the same time, i’ll back u. Those in ur list dont impress me so much. The British core looks like another wenger’s long project. For me, he probably will stay as long as he can. n i wonder whats gonna happen to eisfeld, gnabry, n other young talents if mega budget manager such as mourinho or guardiola rules arsenal, they probably not gonna make it into 1st team.. perhaps, wenger is the only insane manager to start a young player with average skill in a big game n keeps his faith on him. we have Walcott n Cesny for examples.

  3. don says:

    change is good n it’s really needed at the emirates.to me,moyes is the best replacement.he understands the english game very well n out of all aspiring managers,he does wonders always despite the serious injuries the club always has n the shoe string budget he has.he is a great tactician,a winner n you can just see from his team’s performance how he has instilled a winning mentality to them.he always gets the best out of them because they compete for positions n he has no favouritism,you play on performers merit,that’s why everton players are always fired up n never quit despite losing or been dwn goal wise in a game.they have been trained to be no quiters n will only relaxe when the final whistle is blown.unlike AW,he’s ambitious n only needs a big club move to unleash his ability.eash

  4. ScottyRSA says:

    poor choices

    Jurge Klop
    Frand De Boer
    Jaquim Louw
    Denis Bergkamp
    Niel Lennon

    all better choices than the one’s above

  5. Jim says:

    I wouldn’t think Steve Bould is capable or good enough, the only one you mentioned I know and would agree is David Moyes but I wouldn’t mind seeing Gus Poyet given the chance should the position become vacant.

  6. mrjeffsir says:

    Michael Laudrup would be my choice or Denis Bergkamp of course!

  7. I expected two new players this winter; a defensive midfielder or center back and a striker. What made Wenger to wait until the last minute to think of signing new players. I am disappointed with the way he does business. Qualifying for CL is not good enough for a big club like Arsenal. We need trophies now. If he can not take Arsenal to the next level let him step aside. Moyes has done wonders at Everton, I would like to see him at the Emirates.

  8. Fatue says:

    Del Bosque or Laudrup would be ideal

  9. Cliffy says:

    Only familiar with Bouldy and DM. However, much as David Moyes is a good spender,will he maintain the classy football our eyes are used to watching every week end of the premier league? And will he bring forth the trophies we really crave for? Some Portuguese man currently in Madrid wld bring us the trophies but I bet we just hate him. Bouldy with the support of Denis Beghamp would fit the bill.

  10. Eugene Danso says:

    It should be David Moyes vs Diago Simone.

  11. Goona says:

    Don’t fancy any of ’em, what we would need is an international man who’s seen it all done it all in other words a winner. This kind of man would attract players from overseas, a man who’d attract the cream to sign for us, for alas 9 times out of 10 it isn’t the club players sign for it’s the manager and just lately as Fergie said the chairman.

    So as for the managers suggested no thanks i’d rather we stuck with Wenger….

  12. Podge says:

    Id say no to Moyes, great manager, dont get me wrong because i rate him highly, and though his financial style would fit arsenal i just dont think his playing style would.
    No again to Bould, id want a manager who had managed somewhere else first. Assistant and Youth Managment is a good basis but its a hell of a step up.
    Garcia would be a decent shout but the french league was VERY poor the year he won the double and his success was down to 3 or 4 players hitting very high form for the whole year, so thats another no.

    Mackay is an interesting prospect, a bit raw but potentially brilliant. Next year might be a bit soon for him, but 2/3 years down the road… so thats a maybe.

    Diego Simeone… yes, id be very happy with that.

    Id add Lucien Favre to the list, his philosophy towards playing style is a perfect fit and has done very well at Borussia Mönchengladbach. And being a bundesliga manager he is very good financially.

    My number one choice… dreamland… Jürgen Klopp.

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